Candle Company Names: 449+ Candle Business Names

Have you been looking for a good and catchy name for your candle company? This place is very comfortable for you because here we are going to provide a huge collection of candle company names for you. So you can check that and find a good name for your candle company.

One of the businesses that you can easily get into is the candle manufacturing industry. Candle manufacturing is not just easy but also requires a low cost to start. In recent times demands for candles have increased significantly, it seems people have tired of living in flashy lights and need some time in old-fashioned lowkey candle lights.

Manufacturing of candles is not a big deal, but promotion and advertisement are very important in such a business. When it comes to advertisement the first thing which people will notice in any product is of course its name. So keep it in your mind.

Here, we will be discussing unique and attractive candle names for your candle manufacturing start-up. So please stay connected with us.

This list is prepared so that one can save some time and your time and energy should be utilized in more important things like policy-making of your project.

Here, we have suggested many good, unique, and available names for your candle manufacturing company that you can choose from.

Please follow the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your candle company. We hope the below steps will definitely help you to choose a name for your candle company.

  • Convey A Message.
  • Choose A Suitable Name.
  • Analyze The Market.
  • Think About Targeted Audience.
  • Don’t Choose A Boring & Old Name.
  • Make Sure You Are Happy With The Name.

Candle Company Names

The below collections are related to the candle company names.

  • Flame Game
  • Armadilla Wax Works
  • We Know Wax
  • The Candle Hub
  • Madewell
  • Olde City Candle Co.
  • Royal wax candle
  • Cute & Sassy Candles Inc.
  • Candles Of Passion
  • Lucca Great Finds
  • Bright and Glowing Candles
  • Nest
  • Citizen Supply
  • Botanica Renacer
  • Lit in the Hatz
  • Candle County Candle Co.
  • Big Ole Wicks
  • Kandle Queens
  • Illuminax Candles
  • Urban Burn Candles
  • Fire And Ice Candles
  • Pledged to Fragrance
  • Candle Box
  • Scents Soon
  • Burn It Down Candles
  • Root Candles
  • Budd + Finn
  • Village Candle
  • The Lucky Candle
  • Northstar Country Candle
  • Scents Sense
  • Vivente Candles
  • Floral Charm Candles
  • Friends with Candles
  • Purple Broom Company
  • Candle Lovers Sanctuary
  • Candles and Cozy Nights
  • The Very Good Candle Company
  • Ink & Peat
  • Pet Aroma Candle Company
  • Earth Gifts
  • Even Better Scents
  • Moutain Lux Candles
  • Candle Light
  • Lowlight

Best Candle Company Names

Must check out the below collections of best candle company names.

  • Star candle
  • Dadany & Sons
  • Home Scents
  • Prosperity Candle
  • Breathe Easy Candles
  • Incredible candle
  • Star light candle
  • Soy Scents
  • An Alluring Candle Co
  • Mole Hollow
  • The White Barn Candle
  • Candle Place
  • Maple Village Scents
  • Crusader Candle Co.
  • Superlyn Candle Co.
  • Cupcake Candle Co.
  • The Phantom Candle Store
  • Warm Glow Inc.
  • Scentsability Candles
  • Candle 79
  • Fabulous Flame
  • Gurley Candle Company
  • Good Smells
  • Wick Pick
  • Candle Corner
  • Candles Burning
  • Radiate
  • Candles Portrait
  • Whispering Wicks
  • Candle Co.
  • Wax Works
  • Bridgewater Candles
  • Coast Scent
  • More Than a Candle
  • Pacifica
  • Harmony Scents
  • Kandlestix
  • Candles Luminere
  • Soy Selection
  • White Barn
  • Mile High Soap
  • Bee Healthy Candles
  • Alluring candles
  • Homefront Candles
  • Sweet-scented candles

Cool Candle Company Names

Here we have gathered some of a few collections of cool candle company names.

  • That’s Electric
  • Bedwax candle
  • Eternal Light Candle Co.
  • The Lovely Candle Shop
  • Lights on candle
  • Earth Scents
  • Bright Lights Candle Co.
  • Well-Wicked
  • Village Candles
  • Flame Flair
  • Flame & Wax
  • Baby-star candle
  • Grace Direct
  • Scentimental
  • Glowing Beauty
  • Flickers
  • Great Bear Wax Co.
  • Smells like a candle
  • Dio Candle Company
  • Bayberry Candle Supply
  • Falling into Place
  • Red Rose Tea Lights
  • Wishful Blaze
  • Hibiscus candle
  • Habersham
  • Smells Good
  • Scentsy
  • Hudson Grace
  • Enchanting Candle Company
  • Can Delites Candles
  • Dazzle Berry Candles
  • Frostbeard Studio
  • Flickers & Flames
  • Scents Dreams
  • New Beginning Candle Company
  • Flicker of Light
  • Mad Glimmer
  • Keystone Candles
  • Aroma Candles
  • Serene Candles
  • Embers Candle Bar
  • Lovely Lights
  • Always Blowing Candles
  • Shining candle
  • Flickering Flame

Candle Business Names

Please check out the below collections of candle business names.

  • Kandle Kings
  • Shining Sol Candle Company
  • Soft Scent
  • Soy Delicious
  • Fang Lamp
  • Candle Oasis
  • Colorful Candle Company
  • The Candlestick
  • Hope’s Mystic Scents
  • Bullfrog Candles
  • Candle Delivered
  • The Only Scent You Need
  • Korona Candles
  • I Love to Light Candles
  • Pink Cupcake Candle Co.
  • Pure Light Candle Studios
  • Star Brite Illuminations
  • Go for Glow
  • Dreams & Rainbows
  • Candle Royalty
  • The Blowing Kisses Co
  • Nectar Republic
  • Four R Candles
  • Pine Meadows
  • Athenian Candle Co.
  • Candles Areas
  • Candlefish
  • Home Fragrance Company
  • House of Intuition
  • Smelling Like Roses Inc.
  • Warm Flame Candles
  • Candle Cottage
  • Laguna Candles
  • Knight Glow
  • Candle of Hope
  • Kai & Co. Candles
  • MagicGlo Candle Co.
  • YLC Candle
  • The Fancy Candle Co.
  • Classic Candle Centre
  • When I’m Burning For You
  • Pop candles
  • Illume Candles
  • Continental Candle Co.
  • The Candle

Candle Brand Names

Must check out the below collections of candle company names.

  • Bee Healthy Candles
  • Perfect Wick
  • Grow Pretty Candles
  • Candle Therapy
  • Bloomin’ Great Candles
  • Ignite
  • Home Sick
  • Scented Spectrum
  • Wax and Wick Candles
  • Pleasant Aromas
  • Voila Flame
  • Wax Wonders
  • Wicks n’ More
  • The Eternal Flame
  • Cup of Ceremony
  • New Flame Candles
  • Acadian Candle Co.
  • Embrace Candle Making
  • Candle Queens
  • Hello Spring
  • Fragrant Jewels
  • Flickering Candle Light
  • Flicker
  • Time & Again
  • Eco Glow
  • Scents from Heaven
  • Candle Cave Candle Co.
  • Candle Glow
  • Broken Top Candle
  • Pick a Wick
  • Kris Kandle
  • Brookstone Candle
  • Two Guys
  • Aroma Naturals
  • Purple Sun Candle Company
  • Candlewic
  • Candle World Inc
  • Candles R Us
  • Fired up
  • Image Candle
  • Happy Candles
  • Flickering Light
  • Vision Candles
  • Strong and Powerful Candles
  • We Know Wicks

Candle Company Name Ideas

Here we have collected some of a few collections of candle company name ideas.

  • Candles for Life – How sweet it is
  • Candle Warmers
  • Star Candle
  • Beautiful candle
  • Ample Bow Candle Co.
  • The Butterflies and Bees Candle Co
  • Light Up Life
  • Long Life Beeswax Candles
  • Image Glow
  • Stunning Candle Co
  • Natura Candles
  • WaxJack candle
  • Lighting Life
  • Heaven Scent It Candle Co.
  • Candle Cabinets
  • Our Own Candle Company
  • Words Inspired Secrets Held
  • Wax and Beyond
  • Brite Shine Candle Co.
  • Inner Flick Candles
  • Citrus Blossom Soy Candles
  • Clear Mind Candles
  • Bedtime candle
  • Candle Crew
  • The Light of Life
  • Me Time Melts
  • Stinky Candle Company
  • Foggy Notion
  • Creative Candles
  • Candle Wave
  • Soothing Candles
  • Ashman Candle Company
  • Candle Care
  • Seawicks
  • Scented Ill
  • Elite wicks candle
  • Potterwyx
  • Wonders in Wax
  • Candle Atelier
  • Motive Votive
  • Thumbwick Candles
  • Whiffs of God
  • Making Scents
  • Thymes
  • Living Flame Candle

Unique Candle Company Names

Looking for a unique name for your candle business? Then check out the below collections.

  • Cauldron Candles
  • Capri Blue
  • Wax Bling
  • Glassy Baby
  • Magically Mystical Candles
  • Modern Candle
  • Path light candle
  • Unearth Candles
  • Bedford Basket
  • White Pillars Candles
  • Empire Candle Co.
  • Pure Mild Candles
  • Bright Glow Candle
  • Sweet Candlelight
  • Face Body Soul
  • Chic Candles
  • P.F. Candle Co.
  • The Daily Scent
  • Archipelago Botanicals
  • Starlight Candles
  • Waxxy & Co.
  • The Primitive Candle Company
  • Candle Desire
  • Candle Couture
  • Bag o’ Wax
  • Lights, Fire, Candle
  • Candle Queen
  • Feather and Wax
  • Scents n More
  • Playful Candles
  • Wax Work
  • Candles light up my life
  • Just Candles
  • Soothing Scents
  • Bright Spark Candles
  • Wild Card Candles
  • Illumine Candle Co.
  • The Candle Company
  • Candle Breeze
  • The Little Things in Life
  • Adored
  • Tipsy Candle Company
  • Candles and More
  • Diamond Creek Candles
  • Glow Up Candles

Funny Candle Company Names

Let’s dive into the below collections of funny candle company names.

  • Bee Lucia Wellness
  • Give Me Candles
  • Love & Aesthetics
  • Scents Sumo
  • Candle Composition
  • Enjoy the light
  • Circle Shadow
  • Cali Custom Candles
  • Aromatic Fillers
  • Cream Candle
  • Aroma Thyme Aromatherapy
  • Bow and Arrow Candles
  • Granny Novelty Candle Shop
  • Coals of Fire Candles Inc
  • Grateful Hearts
  • CreatiCandle
  • Blue Mercury
  • Beeswax Candle Co.
  • WickCity
  • Bliss Nation
  • Memories Candle Co
  • The Candle Collective
  • Flashlight Candles
  • Flickering Flames
  • Diptyque Candles
  • Candle Flicks
  • Renegade Candles
  • Bites By Candlelight
  • Alchemy Arts Occult
  • Candle Friend
  • Candelabra Candles
  • Census Candles
  • Rose the Candlemaker
  • Kandle Kingz
  • Paddywax Candle Bar
  • Melting Pot Candles
  • Pinkie Pie Candle
  • The Candle Lab
  • Crave Candle Company
  • Mystic Candle Company
  • Gel Candles
  • Circle E Candles
  • Well Whirl Candles
  • Tantalizing Candles
  • Burn Brites

Eco-Friendly Candles Business Names

Please check out the below collections of eco-friends candle business names.

  • Belle Fleur
  • Royal Candles
  • Candle Kings
  • Sweet Cakes Candles
  • EarthGlo
  • Melted Candles
  • Basically Candles
  • Swan Creek Candle
  • Fireflair candle
  • Waxify
  • Wax & Wicks
  • Stone Candles
  • We’re Amazing Candles
  • Candle Co.
  • Soy Works Candle Company
  • Milkhouse Candle Co.
  • We Sell Candles
  • Light Whimsical Candles
  • Rejuvenation
  • LAFCO Candles
  • Melted Wax
  • Collective Candle
  • Illuminations
  • Bowes Signature Candles
  • Classy Twist
  • Bluecorn Beeswax
  • Coco Bella
  • Shorties Candles Co.
  • Desert Sage
  • Waxy Wonders
  • Get Lit Tonight (my fav!)
  • Soft Serenity
  • A Little Candle Co.
  • Wonderful Wax
  • The Smell of Love
  • Always Unique Candles
  • Zip Pop Candle Co.
  • Tulip Candle Crafters
  • PartyLite
  • Sierra Dawn Products
  • Decocandles
  • The Flaming Candle
  • Happy Nest Candles
  • Fragrance De-Lite
  • Voluspa

Elegant Candle Business Name Ideas

You can use these names as an identity for your candle company or business.

  • Scentsationals
  • Virginia Aromatics
  • Lil’ Flickers
  • Struck by Lighting
  • Flame Candy Candle Co.
  • Candles R’ Us
  • Big Dipper Wax Works
  • Candles 4 Less
  • Quick Wicks
  • AromaDay
  • The Frosted Candle Company
  • Perfect for you
  • Grass Roots Candles
  • Herbs & Arts
  • Magic Fairy Candles
  • Candle Delirium
  • Simple Body Products
  • Lighted Luxury
  • Wax Secrets
  • Candelaria
  • The Candle Crew
  • Skye Candle
  • Candles and Company
  • Mystic Harbor
  • Mia Bella Candles
  • My Fragrant Home
  • Relaxing Aromas
  • Wicky Flame Candle Co.
  • Lovely Melts
  • Wax Quest
  • Magic Moon
  • Flame Allure
  • The Candle Carvers
  • Wild Bee Candle Company
  • Virginia Candle
  • Misty Candle Co.
  • A Little Candle & Bath Shop
  • Rustic Candle Co.
  • Fireside Candles
  • Candles Indulgence
  • Butter Homes
  • Lavish by Nature
  • Topanga Candle Company
  • Sweet Scent
  • Incredible Candles

Candle Company Names

How To Name Your Candle Company

Starting a company has never been so simple as this present time. Hundreds and thousands of companies are starting every month all across the globe. A candle manufacturing company is an easy one, once you have all the research and resources required to know the details to start the company you’re just ready to go. The first thing that any person has to decide while starting a company is, what will be the name of the company.

These are some points that will help you to guide to choose a good and suitable name for your candle company.

Short And Simple Name

Don’t choose a long and complex name for your candle company. Names that are short and simple are good ones, you can ask yourself, how many big companies or enterprises’ names you can remember that were long? If you have to name your company something big, you can always use some short abbreviation for your company name.

Easy To Remember

The name of any product or company is a critical aspect, your product will only get sold when people will remember it. This is why it is advised to always choose your company name which is very easy to remember.

Analyze The Competitor’s Name

No matter what business you are in, analyzing your competitors, as well as the market, is the most important thing. You can only sell your products or services when you know about the market as well as the competition. Keep an eye on your competitor’s product, their advertisement method, and also on the quality of their products. This will help your company to grow faster and you will have a better understanding of the market.

Conduct Through Internet Research

Always try to search for the best name through the internet by proper internet research. This is the proper way to grab a perfect and suitable name for your newly started candle company or business.

Take Suggestions From Your Friends Or Family Members

When it comes to naming your product, specifical candles in this case, don’t forget to discuss it with your family and friends. People who are close to you like family and friends most of the time have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes. They know exactly what kind of name will best suit your company.

Take A .com Domain For Online Selling

In this time when most of the business is going online, there is a huge market in the online world with endless possibilities. Nowadays business is not limited to limited locations, you can sell your products to the entire world. To make your product available to the world don’t forget to register a domain name for your candle company.

Make A Tagline

Taglines are collections of words with meaning that generally describe your company’s motto and your products. Taglines are fun and easy to come up with, and the best part is, that it is easy for customers to relate to and get attached to taglines. One must use taglines because they get stuck with the customer for a very long period of time.

Make It Popular

Starting a company is a complex process, it’s not like you start a manufacturing unit and supply your candle to the shop and your work is over. In reality, your work starts from there, you have to let people know what you are selling and what your products are all about. You have to advertise your products, you have to make your product which is a candle in this case popular.

Don’t Copy Others

Registering every company to the government office is mandatory in nearly every part of the world. In each and every country there are laws and regulations on how to register your company. Copying the name of someone else’s pre-registered company is not just illegal in many countries but is also bad for the business.

Uniqueness and innovation are the key foundation of any successful institution. So it’s better to be innovative than to just copy-paste some other company name.

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Final Words

We hope the upper section of the candle company names, you have liked that and select a good one for your will starting candle company names.

Thanks for joining us and having a good time with us. Visit again, we will be waiting for you.

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