299+ Cleaning Business Names: Good, Cool, Catchy, Unique & Best

Are you looking for a good name for your new launch cleaning business company? If yes, then you are at the right destination, because here we are going to present some collections of cleaning business names. For your cleaning business company, you must be in search of a name that is catchy and memorable.

Commercial spaces like hospitals, city malls, food services, shopping centers, industrial factories, commercial offices, and fitness centers need professional cleaning to keep their commercial area clean and healthy.

Cleanliness is one of the crucial aspects of our lives. All of us want a clean environment, may it be our home or any other outer space. Thus, many people these days are looking forward to opening their cleaning business company.

In this article, we are trying to make your work easier for you by providing you with a long list of impressive and catchy name suggestions for your cleaning business company.

We hope, you will like our name suggestions list and will decide on a name for your own company.

Please follow the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your cleaning company.

  • Short-Listing & Brainstorming.
  • Avoid Old & Boring Name.
  • Convey A Message.
  • Tells A Story.
  • Never Use A Trending Name.
  • Make Sure You Are Happy With The Name.

Cleaning Business Names

Here we are going to provide some of a few collections of cleaning business names.

  • Brushed Area
  • Fairy Cleaning
  • Spraying Everything
  • Power Of Cleaning
  • Daisy Clean Services
  • Cleanse from Specialist
  • Unclutter To Finest
  • Spotless Reputation
  • Swept Solutions
  • All Maids
  • Mission Maids
  • We Clean Worries
  • Hurt Dirt
  • Extreme Wash
  • Mop and Shine
  • Castle Cleaning
  • Various Maids
  • Clean Beginning
  • Premium Cleanse
  • Green Planet
  • Carpet Care
  • We Love Neat
  • Disease-Free Life
  • Bust The Dust
  • Integral Sponging
  • Main Maids
  • Level Up Mind
  • Make Dirt-Free
  • Guilt-Free
  • Sober House

Best Cleaning Business Names

We hope you will like the below collections of the best cleaning business names.

  • Virtuous Clean-Up
  • Wholly Clean Master
  • Wipe Down
  • Cleanliness Is Godliness
  • Tidy-Up
  • Clean Space, Clean Mind
  • Catchy Clean
  • Perfect Sanitation
  • Spread Sanitation
  • Glass Clear Cleaning
  • Crystal Clear Services
  • Purified Environment
  • Uncontaminated Zone
  • Fresh Air Menu
  • Fair Circumstances
  • Chivalrous Cleaning
  • Cleaner Sisters
  • Clean Air Nation
  • Building Care
  • Organic Washing
  • Bee Services
  • Vanquish Service
  • Lick Dust
  • New York’s Cleaners
  • Miscellaneous Maids
  • Brother Maids
  • Carpet & Floor Maintenance
  • In & Out Cleanse Solutions
  • Above & Beyond Cleanse
  • Alpha Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Company Names

Let’s dive into the below collections of cleaning company names.

  • Trouble-Free Solutions
  • Whisk Me
  • Affordable Maids Services
  • Think Clean
  • Mop Pick
  • The Cleaner Way
  • Cleansed Corners
  • Face This Mess
  • Efficient Services
  • Complete Cleaning
  • Clean it, Mean it
  • Cleaned Soul
  • Clean Room Maids
  • Cute Clean Home
  • Dirt-Free City
  • Swept Away
  • House Of Glass
  • Trusted Housekeeper
  • Spotless World
  • Mom’s Touch
  • Declutter Waste
  • Your Cleaning Friend
  • It’s Done
  • Sparkles Space
  • We’re Clean Now
  • Organize Me
  • Cut Out Dirt
  • Make Me Dust-Free
  • Blessed Home
  • A Lot Cleaning

Cool Cleaning Business Names

Please check out the below collections of cool cleaning business names.

  • Steaming Cleaning
  • Clean Expertise
  • Clean Proof
  • Chief Maids
  • Choose Clean First
  • Invite Cleanliness
  • All About Decluttering
  • Quality Service Here
  • Only Clean Space Has Value
  • Cleaning Matters
  • To Be Tidy
  • Glittered Home
  • Life Hack Services
  • High Spirit Maids
  • Vitality Mode
  • Liveliness Space
  • Shining Desire Services
  • Shine It Up
  • Effulgent Maids
  • Gleaming Spot
  • Intense Cleanse Maids
  • Dull Disappearance
  • Lustrous Pick
  • Maintain Godliness
  • Whitening Art
  • Lustre Me Up
  • Brilliancy Cleaning
  • Majesty Maids
  • It Glitters
  • Varnish Maids Services

Cleaning Service Names

Here we have gathered some of a few collections of cleaning service names.

  • Boss Mop
  • Supreme Touch
  • P&D Cleaning
  • Siri’s Cleaning
  • Gentle Cleaning Team
  • Fit Clean
  • Appreciated Maids
  • Classic House Look
  • With Two Overseer
  • Edition Cleaning
  • Professional View
  • Hotshot Clean
  • Featured Cleaners
  • Brilliant Maids
  • Empowered Houses
  • Crackerjack Maids
  • One-Up Clean
  • Better Buildings
  • Mop Master
  • Dab Hand Cleaners
  • Archetype Maids
  • Clean Space Regime
  • Spring Clean-Up Service
  • Gem Maids
  • Corner To Corner Clean
  • Cleaning History
  • Cleanliness Indeed
  • Cleaning & Organizing Services
  • Root Cleansed
  • Thoroughly Washed

Catchy Cleaning Business Names

Following are the below collections of catchy cleaning business names.

  • Spot-Free Services
  • Cleaning Aim
  • Reliable Mop
  • Whisk My Surrounding
  • Leave It Clean
  • Renewing Maids
  • Objective Is Cleansing
  • Simplified And Uncluttered
  • Throw Out Dirt Stuff
  • Broom Play
  • Cleaning Rules
  • Orderly Sanitization
  • Proper Clean Set Up
  • Mr. Cleaner
  • Keep It Nice
  • More & More Better
  • Clean Clean Group
  • Keynote Safety
  • Gold Cleaning Maids
  • Psyche Brooming
  • No Dust & No Dirt
  • Clean Home & Pure Heart
  • Clean For Yourself
  • Constant Uncluttering
  • Cinderella Cleaning Services
  • Considerate Clean-Up
  • Immediate Improve
  • Precision Mopping
  • Self-Care State
  • Tidy For You
  • Add Some Shine

Cleaning Business Name Ideas

Here we have gathered some of a few collections of cleaning business name ideas.

  • Utterly Cleanse
  • Mop Up
  • Lave Up
  • Dry-Clean Services
  • Disinfect It
  • Polish Maids
  • Prime Maids
  • Hygiene Routine
  • Tidy Duty
  • Clean Bill
  • Neat It Up Maids
  • Inspired Cleanliness Services
  • Housekeeping Essential
  • Wash Mate
  • Cleaning Role
  • Spring Cleaning System
  • Clean Mindset
  • Delighted Space
  • Clarity & Purity
  • Unclean To Clean
  • Germ-Free Life
  • Cleansing Troop
  • Vacuum Unit
  • Almighty Maids
  • Instant Clean
  • Floorcare Here
  • Boom Broom
  • Heavenly Home
  • Cleaned By Masters
  • Interior Brooming

Good Cleaning Business Names

Please check out the below collections of good cleaning business names.

  • Ultra Sophistication
  • Satisfied & Fresh Clean
  • Blue Home
  • Sweet Surround
  • Squeaky Solutions
  • Sweep Beep
  • Machine Clean
  • Bee Maids
  • Getting Healthy
  • High Standard Services
  • Clean 4U
  • Opt Healthy Living
  • Sweep Brothers
  • Classic Maids
  • Mother’s Method
  • Valued Solutions
  • Get Quality Here
  • We Love To Cleanse
  • Colorful Maids
  • Romanticize Home
  • Call Me Cleanse
  • Beta Cleanse
  • Fairly Awesome Look
  • Modern Maids Services
  • Cleaned With Love
  • Passionate Cleaners
  • Clean From Genius
  • Overcome Dirt
  • Ninja Cleaners
  • I’m Your Cleaner

Another Word For Cleaning Service

Please check out the below collections of other words for cleaning service.

  • Twinkle Time
  • Cleaner Squad
  • It’s AZ Cleanse
  • Organize Magic
  • Team-Up, Clean Up
  • Sterling Air
  • Genuine Wipe
  • Authentic Maid
  • Jannock Housekeeping
  • White Angel
  • Maid My Way
  • Clean 888
  • Clean & Clear Way
  • Nobel Housekeeping
  • Pro Clean Services
  • Fantastic Maids
  • Junk Destroyer
  • Level Up Surrounding
  • Clean Choices
  • Pretty Housekeeping
  • Elite Solutions
  • Magic Floor
  • Dirt-Free Century
  • Maid Group
  • We Team & We Clean
  • Four In One Cleanse
  • Fantasized Home
  • Shee Cleans
  • Prime Wipe
  • Adept Cleanse

Classy Names For Cleaning Business

The below collections are related to the classy names of a cleaning business.

  • Brooming To Detail
  • Deep Clean Team
  • White Spot
  • Wish Wipe
  • Desired Cleaning Services
  • Leave The Bacteria
  • No Dirt Residue
  • Micro Clean Agent
  • Total Clean Surface
  • Maid Way
  • Housekeeper Here
  • Happiness Service
  • Unexpected Look
  • Feel Better
  • Freshly and Beautiful
  • Believe In Tidy
  • View Enhancers
  • All About Wash
  • See A Change
  • Really Good
  • We Disease Free
  • Clean Mate
  • Believe Clean
  • Come Clean Services
  • My Goodness
  • Your Pure Home
  • A Right Place
  • Perfection Touch
  • Home At Its Best
  • I’m Clean

Cleaning Business Names

How To Name Your Cleaning Business

Finding a perfect name for your start-up is trickier. The name is the face of your start-up. That’s why the best names get permanently printed into your subconscious. Coming up with the right name for your business is very important because some businesses fail due to their bad naming.

The name of your start-up should communicate with your service. Hence, to make your quest for a name easier, we have listed plenty of attractive, catchy, and meaningful names above. Also below, we are explaining to you some important points that you should keep in mind while coming up with a name for your start-up.

Keep It Simple

We all know, ‘Simplicity is more attractive’. Instead of difficult to pronounce opt for a name that is simple, easy to pronounce hence, easy to remember.

Don’t come up with names that are difficult to read and way too long. Simple names sound pleasant and appealing to your customers.

It Should Be Meaningful

Meaningful names stand out in the industry. When the name has some meaning in it, it reminds people that for what your company is known for. Hence, make sure that the one selected by you is meaningful.

Keep It Memorable

A simple yet catchy name makes it memorable. The name of your start-up must be memorable. People visit your company again and again only when its name is memorable.

Make It Catchy & Memorable

Always remember one thing, while naming your cleaning company that is please try to choose a catchy and memorable name for your cleaning business. Because that type of name can help you to attract people to your cleaning business.

Play With Words

This is a vital point, so never miss it. You can play with words and choose a positive and searchable word with the name of your cleaning business.

Make It Web-Friendly

What if you have your website, Facebook page, and social media handle for your cleaning business? So, make sure you choose one name and use it the same everywhere, may it be any social media handle or a website.

In this sense, attractive but short names seem more web-friendly.

Know Your Customers

Get a clear idea of who your potential customers, what you have to offer them. Then accordingly choose the ideal name keeping the customers in mind.

This will help you and your potential buyers more in the long run as they will have a clear idea of what service they will get from you and you will not fall on choosing the right name.

Related Name

Please choose a name for your cleaning business, that can easily represent your cleaning company in front of everyone and that can help you to grow up your business’s image.

Don’t Copy Others

Make sure your selected name is not in use by any other company in the industry. As it appears to be unoriginal also, your potential customers get confused between your company’s name and your competitor’s name. Hence, give more time for your name research but come up with an original name.

Attractive Name

Always try to choose an attractive name for your cleaning business. Because it can help you to attract people to your cleaning business.

Get A .com Domain

Please take a .com domain that is related to the name of your cleaning business and make a website to provide your service online.

Ask Others

If you are facing a problem choosing a name for your cleaning business, then you can get help from your friends and family members. We hope, they have proper knowledge about this, then they can easily help you to choose a name for your business.

Don’t Use Offensive Words

Never choose a name that has bad and offensive words, because this is not fair. Because it may break your business’s reputation. So please never do this.

Trademark Availability Checking

A Trademark license is an essential thing for every business nowadays. So please check the trademark availability of the name which was picked by you for your cleaning business.

Create A Logo

Please create a logo for your cleaning business, because the logo is an essential thing for every business. So please create a logo as soon as possible, if your cleaning business does not have any logo.

Attach A Tagline

A catchy and cool tagline always helps you to stand out for your business quickly, so please create a catchy and cool tagline for your cleaning business.

Get Feedback

Before finalizing a name for your cleaning business, please take feedback from your friends, family members, and every well-wisher.


Wrapping UP

While you are about to start a business, selecting a perfect name for it is a challenging process.

It is the first step of the complete process also it is an introduction to your business and its products. A good name gives a good first impression of your business. The naming process comes up with a lot of tasks and guidelines that must be followed.

We hope, you have liked our upper collection of cleaning business names and picked a good one for your cleaning business company.

Thanks for staying with us, please visit again, and have a good day. Cheers.