House Flipping Business Names: 339+ Names For House Flip Company

Here we are going to present some cool, catchy, unique, and amazing house-flipping business names. So please check out that without any hesitation. We hope we will reduce your stress and headache to finalize a good name for your house flipping business.

If you are on your way to starting a house flipping business but the thought of what to name it puzzles you, this article has your back. You will get a list of different house-flipping company names and can choose from them, or you can make a name of your own using the tips listed below.

In simple words, the house flipping business works like this- you buy a property of your choice and then fix it up. This increases its price in the market, and then you sell it. This process continues. Every time a house does not need fixing. One has to be a quick decision-maker to get the best deals because competitors in a locality might snatch the great deals. Hence, being a house flipper is not that easy. This is a great business for people who have access to cash, want to be their boss, and can take out time for the business.

House flipping is a great business model, but the competition in this field is increasing day by day. So come up with an attractive name so that people tend to remember you are important. The name must have a professional ring in it and also must sound catchy.

Here your search will end because we have provided you with various types of names, and each one will make your business soar to new heights. If you are not satisfied with these suggestions, you can easily make one yourself too.

So please go ahead and check out the below collections of house flipping business names and flipping company names also.

You should follow the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your house flipping business.

  • Likeable Name.
  • Add Location.
  • Avoid Lengthy & Boring Names.
  • Tells A Story.
  • Eye-Catching Name.
  • Use Long-Lasting Name.

House Flipping Business Names

We hope you will like the below collections of house flipping house business names.

  • Realty Executives Santa Clarita
  • Turn-Around Consulting
  • James Joe Home Flipping
  • Safe Cure Home Flipping
  • Recreate Your Place
  • Calibrate Estate
  • The Property Ladder
  • House Awaken
  • South Shade
  • Kicha Home Flipping
  • Up Eagle Home Flipping
  • Replenish & Reside
  • Rising Mercy Estate
  • Craft Trio Fabricator
  • Quick Home Sales
  • Liberton Home Flipping
  • Casanova Homeflips
  • The Spruce House Partnership
  • Do-Over Homes
  • Seasand Realty
  • All-Star House Flipper LLC
  • Flipstar Properties
  • ICMA Retirement Corporation
  • Rexxen Fabricator
  • Urban Home Solutions
  • The House Flipping Dudes
  • Fun with Flipping
  • The Weekly Flip
  • Razzle Dazzle Real Estate
  • Lowa Ley Home Flipping
  • Flipping Friends
  • Urban Jungle Flippers
  • Quick Home Sales
  • Memorial Flippers
  • Ditms House Repair

Flipping Houses Business Names

These are some of the few collections of flipping houses’ business names.

  • Golden Horizon Houses
  • Every Corner Realty
  • Old Houses Re-Born
  • Lucky Skylight
  • Palace Finders
  • Spruce Homes
  • Victor Fabricator
  • Bounty Homies
  • Humane Homes
  • Home Finders
  • House Transports
  • Place To Place
  • Flip ‘n’ Live
  • Vital Edge Housing
  • Daily Dealers
  • Flotsam Flipping
  • Quail Estates
  • Febro Weld Fabricator
  • The Property Pioneers
  • Realer Estate
  • Good Hill
  • Home Guru Realtors
  • Master Crest
  • Sir Houston Estate Inc.
  • Bloom Partners
  • Brown Estates
  • Uppex Home Flipping
  • Investors Properties
  • Master Wave
  • Beacon Real Estate
  • Estate Ques
  • Apartment Gate
  • Ultima Flipping
  • Flip Flop Properties Ltd
  • Febro Weld Fabricator

Catchy Bounce House Names

Let’s dive into the below collections of catchy bounce house names.

  • Tenant Seekers
  • Buying Bricks
  • Bricks That Grow
  • Guaranteed Sale Pro
  • Deal Lockers
  • Heal Side Home Flipping
  • Smart Gardens
  • A+ Realty
  • Our Flipping Journey
  • House Genius
  • Luxury Conversions
  • Florawell Home Flipping
  • My Refurbished Loft
  • Opalescent Properties
  • Day in the Life Flipping
  • Better Shade Homes
  • Double Double Flip
  • Thrifty Flipping
  • Power Investment Homes
  • Housing Hijinks
  • Flip House Re-Op
  • Allufex Home Flipping
  • MacMerill Home Flipping
  • High Stone Home Flipping
  • Accurate Architects Inc
  • Northmade Home Flipping
  • House Grants
  • Blue Grass Homes
  • Decor Flipps
  • Low Income Investment Fund
  • Crystal Properties and Investments
  • Improve Upon Real Estate
  • Supereasy House Flipping
  • The Property Flippers
  • Metal Fit Home Flipping

House Flipping Company Names

The below collections are related to the house flipping company names.

  • Budget Flipping
  • The Flippers
  • More Than a Lick of Paint
  • Quick Well Home Flipping
  • Flip Flip
  • All Flipping
  • Skylight Real Estate
  • Humane Homes
  • Mobile Amend
  • Four Stars Realty
  • Pizzaz Properties
  • Hocus Pocus Houses
  • Flip-A-Home
  • Freshly Designed Homes
  • South Town Home Flipping
  • Tatras Housing Fund
  • Residence Refreshed
  • Expert Home Sales
  • Homes To Homes Now
  • Ace House Flipping
  • Fix & Flip
  • Dormant Homes
  • Flip To Fruition
  • Garden Gates
  • Four Corners Real Estate
  • Flipping on Shady
  • Unicorn Flipping
  • Huzzah For Houses
  • My Home Turnovers
  • Dreamcatcher Homes
  • The flipping
  • Flipping House
  • Room Flipping
  • Catchy Flipping House
  • Maximizing Flipping

Creative Flipping Business Names

Please check out the below collections of creative flipping business names.

  • Expert Home Sales
  • Daily Flipping News
  • Your Next Flip
  • Health Matter Home Flipping
  • Flips Across America
  • Urban Elite Home Flipping
  • Fatso Flipping
  • Objex Home Flipping
  • 2nd Avenue Realty
  • Urban Upgrades
  • A-Listers Flipping
  • Vision Real Estate
  • Four Stars Realty
  • Florida House Heroes
  • Marcell Fabricator
  • Flippin’ Flora
  • Flipping the Script
  • Coastal Estate Co.
  • Rise Edge Home Flipping
  • Nova Estates
  • Noteworthy Homes
  • Rising Mercy Estate
  • Casanova Homeflips
  • Mystery Gardens
  • Honeycomb Homes
  • Angel Bay Flippers
  • Properties Defined
  • Swift Flippers
  • justCut Home Flipping
  • Smart Move Real Estate
  • Gorgonna Home Flipping
  • Street Minute
  • Acumen & Appraisal
  • The Flipping Channel
  • Walkthru Flippers

Best Business Names For Flipping Houses

Here we have gathered some of a few collections of the best business names for flipping houses.

  • Heirloom Homes
  • Plenty Values
  • Life Waves
  • Beautiful Properties Rescued
  • Flip House Empire
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • House Saving Investment
  • Classio Home Flipping
  • Essen Cut Home Flipping
  • Opalescent Properties
  • The Flipping Company
  • Urban Mayer Home Flipping
  • Other Level Conversions
  • Boomerang Investments
  • Liberty Home Flipping
  • Flip To Fruition
  • Flip The Grid
  • Re-Habbed House
  • New Address Flipping
  • Diligent Flipping
  • Cheap Homers
  • daySpring Home Flipping
  • Green Housing
  • All Seasons Realtors
  • Tower Lights
  • Flip Goddess
  • Faze Flipping
  • Transforming Properties
  • Lay Low Estates
  • Beam Zing Home Flipping
  • Deal of the Day Flipping
  • Glama Berg
  • Dormant Homes
  • To Flip or Not to Flip
  • Bricks That Grow

Catchy House Flipping Business Names

Following are the below collections are related to the catchy house flipping business names.

  • Ultra Home Flippers Inc.
  • Work View Fabricator
  • Green Residential
  • Empire Flippers
  • Dear Flippers
  • Home Development Co.
  • Realty Biz News
  • Guarantee Real Estate
  • House Flip Boutique
  • Harsch Investment Properties
  • Chic Flips Home Staging
  • Total Flip Realty
  • Middle Flippers
  • Diligent Flipping
  • Flipper Bricks
  • Stunning Flips
  • Houses Made Better
  • Chef Shade Home Flipping
  • Bokeh Home Flipping
  • Stunning Flips
  • Alloy Aex Home Flipping
  • Brittle Boy Housing
  • Con Do Invest
  • Renew My House
  • Spike Fesst Home Flipping
  • West Coast Flipping
  • FabriMax Fabricator
  • Happy HIP Homes
  • Residential Flipping Pros
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Mercy Mind Home Flipping
  • New Way Home
  • Memorette Home Flipping
  • Sweet Sevens
  • Razzle-Dazzle Estates

Creative Names For Property Business

Please examine the below collections of creative names for property business.

  • Professional Flip
  • A Flip in Time
  • New Look Fashion
  • Fortune Builders
  • Re-Do-It Homes
  • Fabr iDots
  • Penta Mark Home Flipping
  • New Home Pros
  • Homecoming Realty Inc
  • Flipping Homes Workshop
  • Safeguard Advisors
  • Magnolia Realty
  • Quick Profit Homes
  • House Flipping Spreadsheet
  • Flipping Mastery
  • House Call Realty
  • Maximum Real Estate Exposure
  • Real Estate Reversals
  • Connected Investors
  • Re-born to Sell
  • The Flipp’d House
  • Fantasy House Flippers
  • Fabri Craft
  • Flip A Dope
  • Alubreth Fabricator
  • Alluring Flippers
  • Moveto Home Flippers
  • More Properties
  • Victory Flip
  • Added Value Flipping
  • Flipp In Time
  • Nexton Home Flipping
  • FabriMax Fabricator
  • Lifeguard Homes
  • Brettlex

Flipping Houses Business Names

In this section, you can easily find out some of the few collections of flipping house business names.

  • Master Wave
  • Diva Flipping
  • My Home Remodel
  • Uppex Home Flipping
  • Home Guru Realtors
  • Its Your properties
  • Chronicle Homes
  • Cinch Flipping
  • On a Dime House Flipping
  • Flip House Handyman
  • Fixin’ It Reins
  • Makeover Manor
  • Flipping Cincy
  • Urban Discovery
  • Wholesome Realty
  • Palaceous Properties
  • Ace House Flipper
  • A Beautiful Flip
  • Flip King Llc
  • Marcell Fabricator
  • Speedy Reflippers
  • Home & Buyers Association
  • Urban Discovery
  • Flips and Flows
  • Urban Mayer Home Flipping
  • House Doctors
  • House-A-Rama
  • Spruced Real Estate
  • Fabulously Flipped Homes
  • Elite Home Realtor
  • Mod Home Estates
  • Leveled Up Estates
  • A Flip in Time
  • Turnkey Homes LLC
  • Hotbed Houses

Home Flipping Business Names

If you are worried about choosing a name for your home flipping business, then check out the below collections.

  • Health Focus
  • Realty Profit Solutions
  • Mercy Homeworks
  • Flip Flop House
  • Sande Realty
  • A Flip in Time
  • Housing Jinks
  • Kicha Home Flipping
  • Scottish Trail Housing
  • Houses We Love
  • Chronicle Homes
  • Spruce It Up
  • Flipping Worldwide
  • Houses That We Transformed
  • Rapido Real Estate
  • Velo City Home Flipping
  • Health Trails
  • Smart Designs
  • Clipps N’ Flipps
  • Eden Aex Fabricator
  • Next Craft Home Flipping
  • Flipping Niche
  • Elegant Buying
  • ICBM Real Estate
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Frenzy Kings
  • Deal of the Day Flipping
  • Effeca Fabricator
  • Deal of the Day
  • Health Quest Home Flipping
  • Birmingham House Flippers
  • Smart Klip Home Flipping
  • Indigo Property Company, LLC
  • Lennox Home Buyers
  • Scottis Home Flipping

House Flipping Business Names

How To Name The House Flipping Company

Here we have shared some tips that can guide you when you want to choose a good and catchy name for your house flipping business or house flipping company.

So let’s check it out.

Sit With Pen And Paper

Start thinking about your business and jot down what are the words that come to your mind that are related to the house flipping business. Choose a few words from the list so you can combine a few or pick anyone and then pair it with any other words.

Add Aspiration Value

When choosing a company name for your house flipping company, think about the aspiration value because the more aspiration your name will be, the more customers will associate themselves with your brand.

Conduct Through Internet Research

You have to research on the internet and analyze it properly. We hope, after analyzing you can easily choose a perfect name for your house flipping business.

Mix & Match Words

You can mix & match words, and create a new type of word for your flipping house business or company also. Because this is the new trending process to choose a name for any type of business.


Try to keep the name simple, so people do not struggle to pronounce it. The name must highlight your niche of work and always think about your targeted audience. Also, your name should be catchy.

Develop A Sense Of Good Quality

The name should reflect your good quality service and make people understand the purpose of your business. Avoid hyphens and numbers and stay away from negative connotations.

Make Sure To Perform Research

Follow the names your competitors have chosen and see if your chosen name stands out. If it does not, people will get less attracted to your business.

Stand Out Being Meaningless

The name you choose does not need to have a meaning. Creative meaningless company names gain a lot of attention too. Many brands like Coca-Cola have touched heights with their meaningless brand names.

Do Not Go For Unusual Spellings

If you are a beginner, never copy the name of a flourished brand by randomly changing a few things. At first, it might bring you success, but in the long run, it may create problems and confuse your customers.

Try Adding Personal Touch

Suppose you are thinking of naming your business ‘Quality House Flipping’; you can add your name or surname to it like ‘Phillip’s Quality House Flipping’.

Start Short Listing The Names

Pick out the names that do not have the mentioned defects. After you have made a list, pick out the top three according to you. Then ask people around you which one sounds best.

Use Attractive Words

You can use some attractive words that can easily attract people to your flipping business or company, and you also gain your customers.

Create A Poll

You can create a poll on your social media accounts by adding some good names that are related to the house flipping business and look at which name is much more liked by your social media friends.

Get A .com Domain

Check carefully, after choosing a name, if it is taken up by any of your competitors. If not, get a .com domain so you can open a website with that name and provide your services online.

Trademark Availability Checking

Every business and company needs a trademark. So please before finalizing a name for your house flipping company, you need to check the trademark availability of that name which was selected by you for your house flipping business.

Create A Logo

Always try to create a good logo for your house flipping company. It is an essential thing in this era. So keep remembering it always, never forget it.

Make A Tagline

Please create a catchy tagline and attach that under the name of your business. Because a catchy tagline can help you to grow your house flipping business properly.

Get Feedback

Please take feedback on your finalizing name for your house flipping company. It can help you to realize what your business name would be like or not.

Make It Popular

After doing all these things, you have to make it popular as soon as possible. Otherwise, people won’t find you and your business will never grow.


Final Words

As we know starting a new business can be hectic, so, through this article on house flipping business names, we have tried to reduce the work of choosing a name as much as possible. From unique to simple company names, you will get a variety of them, and there is a step-by-step guide to name your company too.

Hope this article will help you give your company the perfect name you were searching for!

Have a good day.