279+ Photo Booth Business Names For Your Photo Booth Business

If you have started a photo booth business but can’t find the perfect name for your business, then you have landed in the proper place. So please stay with us and check out our below collections of photo booth business names. We hope these below collections will help you.

You have the skills needed to be a photographer, so why not earn some money by using them? Start your photo booth business and earn money by doing what you like to do.

Photos allow a person to capture their memory. While being in a photo booth business you will understand that somehow you become part of many memories too. You will meet a variety of people and witness a lot of unique moments. The best part is that the photo booth business doesn’t have high setup costs so one can give it a try if they have the required skills for it.

If you can win clients’ hearts through good behavior and service the chances are high that you will get hired again by them. The best part of this business is that photos are now not only clicked during the festive season there is a wide range of occasions available for clicking pictures like maternity, and proposal, and even sometimes there is no need for occasions at all.

So, if you think you can manage a photobooth business it is time for you to get started by finding a perfect photo booth business name. Naming your business can mess with your mind and will consume a lot of time too so we have brought the list of Photo Booth Business Names which will make your work of finding a name easier.

Please follow the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your photo booth business or brand.

  • Maximize The Name.
  • Convey A Message.
  • Grab The Attention.
  • Create A Poll.
  • Likeable Name.
  • Use A Powerful Name.

Photo Booth Business Names

The below collections are related to the photo booth business names.

  • Snappy Moments
  • PictoSnap Photo Booth
  • Portrait Palace
  • Moment Photo
  • Moment Emotions
  • Moment Memory
  • Cheer Photos
  • The Traveling Photo Booth
  • Futu Memories
  • PicShutters Photo Booth
  • Love Smiles PhotoBooth
  • HappyGo Booths
  • Lens Lawn
  • Fantasy Fun Photo Booth
  • Elite Photo Booths
  • Precious Memories
  • Capture It Photo Booths
  • Captain Capture
  • Photo Memories
  • Take A Memory
  • Quick Photo
  • The Visual Shot
  • Your Face and Mine
  • Color Me Photo
  • Vivid Memories
  • Photo Snap
  • Green Screen Photo Booth
  • Instabooth Photo

Best Photo Booth Business Names

Must check out the below collections of best photo booth business names.

  • Snap Assured
  • AwwSnap! Photo Booth
  • Pixie Dust Photo Booth
  • Quick Shoot
  • Deja Vu Photos
  • Color Me Photo
  • Magic Smiles
  • Great Pics Photo Booths
  • Lovely Photo Booths
  • O’ Snap Photo Booth
  • Party Pod’s
  • Iconic Views Photos
  • Classy Rhino Photos
  • Smilebooth Photobooth
  • Pie Tie Photo Boothers
  • Pro Photographer
  • A Beautiful Life Photo Booth
  • Picture Plain
  • Clear Choice Photo Booth
  • Eikon Events
  • Photo Berry
  • Fancy Face Photo Booth
  • Sun Photographer
  • Visual Storyteller
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Captured Moments
  • Perfectly Shot
  • Lucky Star Photo Booths
  • Making Memories Last Photo Booth

Catchy Photo Booth Business Names

Let’s check out the below collections of catchy photo booth business names.

  • Digital Memory
  • Kiki Booth
  • Urban Bro Photobooth
  • Express Your Selfie
  • Imperial Photo Booths
  • The Foto Booth Bus
  • Photo Booth Gamers
  • Capture the Moment
  • North Water Photobooth
  • Nude Fab Photobooth
  • BeamBox PhotoBooth
  • Smile Machines
  • At Pixel PhotoBooth
  • A to Z Snap It
  • Silly Face Photo Booth
  • ocean Pop Photobooth
  • The Maverick Photobooth
  • Party Booth
  • Cruise Photos
  • Black Shady Photobooth
  • Your Photo Fun
  • Strike a Pose Photo Booth
  • Doodle Magic Photography
  • Efotobox Photo Booth
  • Skyline Photo Booth
  • Back In The Booth
  • Photo Booth Business Checklist
  • Happy Caption

Cute Photo Booth Names

Let’s check out the below collections of cute photo booth names.

  • Epic Moments Photo Booth
  • Eventz Photo Booths
  • Mirror Magic Photo Booth
  • My Pic Photo Booth
  • Firefly Photo Booth
  • Capture the Moment
  • Changing World
  • Candid Shots
  • Snap! Studio Booth
  • You Plus Photo Booth
  • Photoshop Rocks
  • Fun Mugs Photo Booth Rental
  • Got You Covered Entertainment
  • Crazy Shotz Photo Booth
  • Snap! Studio Booth
  • Photomatica Photo Booth
  • Snap This
  • Smile Cam Photo Booth
  • Lucky Photo Booth
  • Mirrored Memories Photo Booth
  • No Lenz Photobooth
  • Selfie Station Photo Booth Rentals
  • Oh Snap AZ Photo Booths
  • Photo Fusion Photo Booth
  • Uptown Booths
  • Snap Portals
  • Frozen Snap Photo Booth
  • MobiPrix Smile

Names For Photo Booth Business

Following are the below collections of names for photo booth business.

  • Laugh Out Loud Photo Booth
  • Booth Pros
  • PhotoTales Booths
  • Bee’s Photobooth
  • Pure Photo Boothers
  • PortaPixie Booths
  • Candid Closet
  • Blue Eyes Photo Booth
  • Insta Selfie
  • Leased Lens
  • PictoPod Booths
  • Pixel Candid Booths
  • PicJunky PhotoBooth
  • Nice Shot
  • Fancy Face Photo Booth
  • Life’s Memories
  • Smiles For Miles
  • Memory Lane
  • PicStar Photobooth
  • Snap Ryder
  • Fotopop Photo Booth
  • Fun in a Flash Photo Booths
  • Essential Photo
  • Smile Shot
  • Moonlit Dreams Photography
  • Party Click Photo Booth
  • Photo Booth Biz
  • Pic Star Photobooth

Awesome Photo Booth Business Names

In the below collections of awesome photo booth business names.

  • Instant Impression
  • Fable Photo and Video
  • Pic Me!
  • Pink Mustache photo booth
  • Studio Macro
  • Fun in a Flash Photo Booths
  • The Film Pros
  • Rustic Flame Photobooth
  • Classy RhinoPhotos
  • Signia Booth
  • FotoFavors PhotoBooth
  • Forever Flash
  • Snap Front Photo Booth
  • Flash Focus PhotoBooth
  • Picture Show Photo Booth
  • Eikon Events
  • Snap and Share
  • Be Captured PhotoBooth
  • Shutter Booth
  • Elite Motions
  • A Beautiful Life Photo Booth
  • Flash Focus
  • Shutter Booth
  • Smile Away
  • Your Local Photographers
  • The Blueprint Photo Booth
  • Instant Memories
  • Digital Expressions Photo Booths

Amazing Photo Booth Business Names

Must check out the below collections of amazing photo booth business names.

  • The Photo Boothers
  • The Right Angle
  • Just House Photo Booth
  • Candid Pix Photo Booths
  • XOXO Photo Booth
  • Shoot and Shutter
  • Booth Fairy
  • Pix Perfect
  • One Fine Picture
  • The Right Studio
  • Snapshot Studio
  • Photo Point
  • Say Ya! Photo Booth
  • Magical Mirror Photo Booth
  • Keepsake Kreators
  • Wynd Luxury Photo Booth
  • Smile Time
  • Epic Moments Photo Booth
  • The Group Shot
  • Party Click Photo Booth
  • Smile Please
  • Moment Smile
  • All Access Booth
  • Grimace Booth
  • The Right Light Photography
  • Best Photo Booth
  • Pic Shutters
  • Modern Grid Photobooth

Impressive Photo Booth Business Names

Let’s check out the below collections of impressive photo booth business names.

  • Moms Mirror Me Photo Booth
  • Photo Pros
  • Digital Dreams
  • Lively Media
  • Artistic Media
  • Urban Productions
  • Vista Media
  • Hype Productions
  • Real Shot
  • Say Cheese Photo Booths
  • The Nifty Booth
  • Zippy Clippy
  • Candid Closet
  • Smiles For Miles
  • Candid Pix Photo Booths
  • Quick And Perfect
  • New Perspective
  • Perspective Photo Booth
  • Close-up Image
  • Forever Memory
  • Snap and Go
  • Moms Mirror Me Photo Booth
  • Capture It Photo Booths
  • Great Memories Photo Booth
  • Just a Memory Booth
  • Snap Service
  • Imperial Photo Booths
  • Go Foto Yourself

Creative Names For Photo Booth Business

Let’s check out the below collections of creative names for photo booth business names.

  • A Flying Camera Photo Booths
  • ZippyLens PhotoBooth
  • Dream Catcher Entertainment
  • PicsBox PhotoBooth
  • Photo Poster
  • Social Booth
  • The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth
  • The Self Portrait Station
  • VIP Party Booths
  • Marquiss Photobooth
  • Be Social Photo Booth
  • Booth Fairy
  • Second Photo
  • Remember The Day
  • You Pix Booths
  • Shutter Cave
  • BoothClix PhotoBooth
  • Remember Photo
  • Happy Expressions Photobooth
  • Just House Photo Booth
  • Scene It Photo Booth
  • Photoflash Booth
  • Document Photo
  • Pic Junky
  • Happy Expressions Photobooth
  • Joy Photo Booth
  • Leased Lens
  • Clever Photo Booth Business

Perfect Photo Booth Names

You can find out here some of a few collections of perfect photo booth names.

  • Silly Face Photo Booth
  • Posing Booth
  • Frozen in Time
  • Albums Crest
  • Happy Go
  • Click and Shutter
  • Lucky Photo Studio
  • The Perfect Shot
  • Photo Memories
  • Moment Photo
  • Studio Plus
  • Shutterbug Studio
  • Sassy Studio
  • Snap and Smile Studio
  • Studio One
  • Camera Works
  • Candid Click
  • SnapoMize Me
  • Create History Photography
  • Red Eye Pixels
  • Get It Photo Booth
  • Peekaboo Photo Booth
  • Perspective Photo Booth
  • Party Selfies Photo Booth
  • Street Roar Photobooth
  • Picture Please
  • Moment Maker
  • Your Photo Fun

Photo Booth Business Names

How To Name Your Photo Booth Business

If you have made up your mind about starting a photobooth business, the first and most important thing you should do is name your business. You can get a variety of pre-made names on the Internet but if you are someone who wants to show your creativity then you can name your business by yourself.

You don’t have to worry much about the process of naming your business because all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Research About The Market

Before going to finalize a name for your photo booth business, you have to research it. Because without researching, you can’t run a proper business or company either. So please do that as soon as possible.

Make A List

Make a list of all the words selected by you. This will help you to move forward in an organized way, as well as you don’t have to worry about forgetting any interesting words.

Mixing Of Words

Take one or more words and try to combine them and you will get a name for your business. By mixing some words, you can easily create a new name for your photo booth business.

Keep It Short And Simple

Try to be precise while naming your business because people like names that give a clear idea about the services offered to you. A longish complicated name will not hold people’s attention for long and also people will find it hard to remember.

Related Words

Try to think about words that represent your business, for example, flash, film, lights, etc. After you are thought, start choosing the words that are most suitable for your business idea.

Idea From Competitors

Have a look at how your competitors have named their businesses and try to understand the perks and flaws of each name. But never copy them, try to avoid that.

The Name Must Be Timeless

Choose a name that will stay equally attractive after years. Changing a name is a tough job so choose a timeless name. Please keep remembering this point always.

Opinion Matters

Take opinions on your selected names from close ones and people from your target market. After taking opinions, you can easily choose a good and proper name for your photo boost business.

Trademark Availability Checking

Make sure the final name you choose is not taken by anyone and make sure your name doesn’t get taken by anyone too. So please check the trademark license availability before finalizing.

Attach A Tagline

Choose an attractive tagline that will keep ringing in people’s minds with your business name. So please try to create and attach a tagline for your photo booth business names.

Create A Logo

Create a logo that will hold people’s attention while passing by. Looks play an important role in today’s times. So please take it seriously.

Get Feedback

Please take reviews on that name before selecting a perfect name for your photo booth business. So please take reviews from your closest person.

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Last Words

Naming your photo booth business is made easier by listing the steps you should follow to get a business name that will cause your success. We hope you have chosen a good one for your photo booth business from our upper collections of photo booth business names.

Choose names that are pre-made or make your own and shine in the world of photo booth business.

If the article was helpful, please share it with others and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!