Laundry Business Names: Cool, Catchy & Unique

If you are thinking of starting a laundry business, then you should choose a name for your laundry business first. Because that name is the only identity of your laundry business. So don’t take it easy because the naming process is too hard compared to running your laundry business.

Laundry business names are needed when starting a laundromat, dry cleaner, or similar business. Learning how to choose a name for your new laundromat business is a great way to ensure you get it right on the first try.

The name of your laundry business is a critical factor for its success. One of the biggest mistakes individuals often make about naming their business is not properly considering the market for their product or service. The name should always be related to the business, but it should also be catchy and easy to remember. Your laundry business will benefit from a good reputation, as you will have an easier time attracting customers, which can help increase your profits from your laundry business.

If this is your first time starting a laundry business, you may not know the best way to name your business. Names for laundry businesses are not hard to come by, so you will not have difficulty finding one that works for your business. The key to naming your new business is to make sure that the name you come up with is perfect for your business.

Let’s check out our below collections of laundry business names and will pick a good and catchy name for your laundry business names.

You should follow the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your laundry business. So please go for it.

  • Unique & Creative Name.
  • Related Name.
  • Attractive & Catchy Name.
  • Meaningful Name.
  • Memorable Name.
  • Make It Popular.
  • Create A Poll.
  • Shortlisting & Brainstorming.
  • Get Inspirations From Others.

Laundry Business Names

Here we are going to provide some of a few collections of laundry business names.

  • Dust to Shine
  • Door to Door Maids
  • Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
  • The Dynamite Wash
  • Dynamite Laundromat
  • Eco Wash Systems
  • Elite Laundry
  • City Limits Laundry
  • Angels Home
  • Rapid Wash
  • Do Right Cleaning
  • Laundry Mama
  • Sparkling Coin
  • Perfect Cleaners
  • Mighty Maids
  • Best Coin Laundry
  • COIN Less Laundry
  • Speedy Wash
  • My Super Laundry
  • Super Maids
  • Always Spotless Laundromat
  • Always Cleaner & Wash
  • Wash-a-holics Laundromat
  • Nice and Clean Laundromat
  • Easy Washers Oasis Coin Laundry
  • Wash Ville Laundromat
  • Lucky Coin Wash n Fold Shop
  • Always Spotless Coin Laundry
  • The Laundry Lounge
  • Lucky Dry Cleaners
  • Sunshine Coin Laundry
  • Wash It Out Laundromat
  • Cleaner Than Cleaning
  • Leap N Cleaners
  • The Big Wash and Fold Shop
  • My Washing Adventure
  • Laundry Room
  • Laundry Wife

Laundromat Names

Following are the below collections of laundromat names.

  • Perfectionism
  • Laundry Land
  • Wash & Fold Washboards
  • The Way We Laundry
  • Happy Cleaning
  • Sparta Laundry
  • Eco Cleaners
  • Press Express
  • DIY Laundry
  • Lucky Dry Cleaners
  • The All Clean Laundry
  • Always Clean Laundromat
  • Big Cleaner Laundromat
  • Washboard 24 Hour Laundromat
  • High & Dry Laundromat
  • Laundry Innovations
  • Jumbo Wash Laundry
  • My Washing Adventure
  • Spinal Shaft Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaners
  • Sparkling Laundromat Service
  • Your Laundry Solution
  • The Cleaner for Less Coin Laundry
  • Clean and Neat Laundry
  • House of Washing Love
  • White Dove Cleaning
  • Dawson’s Cleaners
  • Dynasty Cleaners
  • Laundry Queen
  • Clean Freedom
  • Clean At Your Pace
  • Dry Cleaning Nirvana
  • Spokane Laundry Solutions
  • Super Spotless Cleaners
  • Super Washy Laundromat
  • Fresh and Steaming Laundromat
  • Laundry Heaven
  • White Rose Launderer
  • World’s Best Coin Laundry Services
  • Eco Cleaning Solutions
  • Clean Touch Laundry
  • World Class Cleaners
  • The Wonder Wash
  • The Only Way to Clean Laundromat

Laundry Names

Must check out the below collections of laundry names.

  • The One Stop Wash
  • The Wash House
  • Super Maids Laundry
  • Super Spotless Coin Laundry
  • Personal Laundry
  • Cycle Complete Clothing
  • 24hrs Laundromat
  • Super Suds Laundromat
  • Washed Away
  • Big Cleaner Laundromat
  • It’s All About The Clean
  • The Big Wash & Fold Shop
  • Fresh Cleaning
  • Wash Me Coin Laundry
  • Fine Dry Cleaner Labor Wash
  • The Best Way To Wash
  • Super Laundry
  • Cleaner Than You Can Wash
  • One Stop Laundry
  • Cleaner & Dryer
  • Laundry Lounge & More
  • The Executive Laundrette
  • Lemon Fresh Laundromat
  • Mom’s Laundromat
  • Laundry City
  • A+ Storage & Laundry
  • Faithful Maids of Cologne
  • Laundry Bliss Laundry
  • White Dove Laundry Room
  • Laundry Matches
  • Laundry Matched
  • Super Cleaners
  • Clean Life Solutions
  • Your Touch Laundry
  • Blue Water Coin Laundry
  • Pristine Cleaners
  • Wash & Wing Stop
  • Hazel’s Laundromat

Laundry Mat Names

Here we have listed some of a few collections of laundry mat names.

  • All Clean Laundry
  • Soddy Daisy Laundromat
  • Laundry Angels
  • Laundry Chute
  • Laundry Tub
  • Laundry Shute
  • No Place to Hide Cleaners
  • Sparking Cleaners
  • Laundry Labs
  • Spotless Laundry
  • Legend Cleaners
  • Freedom Clean
  • Washing Well
  • Maid to Perfection
  • Paradise Laundry
  • Express Cleaning
  • Laundry Heaven
  • Ace Laundromat
  • Ultra Cleaners
  • The Laundry Depot
  • All Clean Laundry
  • Acres of Laundry
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Wash House
  • Clean Wash
  • Laundry Authority
  • E-Z Coin Laundry
  • Hygiene Machine
  • Laundry High
  • Laundry Empire
  • The Keswick Laundry
  • Iron Ready
  • Hygiene Machine
  • Mr Dobi Laundry Service
  • J’s Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaners
  • The Laundry Solution
  • Spokane’s Only Wash n Fold Shop
  • Ever Clean Laundromat

Dry Cleaners Names

In this paragraph, you can easily find out some of the few collections of dry cleaners’ names.

  • Mighty Maids Laundromat
  • Washer Dudes
  • Always Clean Laundry
  • Green World Cleaners
  • The Cleanest Way To Wash
  • Cleaner Than That! Dry Cleaners
  • The Dry Cleaning People
  • We Mean Clean
  • Image Laundry
  • Edgewood Laundry
  • One Click Cleaners
  • Village Cleaners
  • Clothes Connection Laundromat
  • Tiny Bubbles Laundry
  • Ecoturn Laundry
  • Spot Laundromat
  • Crisp Cleaners
  • Ace Laundry Service
  • Independent Cleaners
  • The Laundry Basket
  • The Cashmere Wash
  • East End Laundromat
  • Bright and Spotless Laundromat
  • Bamboolicious Laundromat
  • Our Life Together
  • Wash & Fold Washboards
  • The Wash House
  • Sunshine Laundromat
  • Always Clean Laundromat
  • Tiny Bubbles Laundry
  • Lucky Coin Wash n Fold Shop
  • Lucky Dry Cleaners
  • Freedom Cleaner & Laundry
  • The Wash House
  • On the Dot Laundromat
  • Rainbow Cleaners
  • Wash Barn
  • Washing Well

Names For Laundry Business

Please check out the below collections of names for laundry names.

  • Fantastic Cleaners
  • Go Green Cleaning
  • Perfect Cleaner
  • Cleaner Friendly Coin Laundry
  • Laundry Envy
  • Maid Brigade Services
  • My Wash and Fold
  • Bright and Shining Laundromat
  • Friendly Laundry
  • Blue Water Coin Wash & Fold Shop
  • Always Suds Laundromat
  • We Do More Than Wash
  • Cloud Story Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Cleaning And Washing Of Your Clothes
  • The Laundry Depot
  • Mom & Pops
  • Morningside Laundromat
  • Always Cleaner & Wash
  • Cleaner Than You Can Wash
  • Lancaster Best Cleaners
  • Your Touch Laundry
  • Clean Shirt Laundry
  • Super Spotless Laundromat
  • Always Clean Laundry
  • The Big Wash & Fold Shop
  • Spin City Coin Wash
  • Big Bundles Laundromat
  • Perfectly Clean Laundromat
  • My Spotless Coin Laundry
  • Beads and Borrows Laundromat
  • Wash It Out Laundromat
  • Big Cleaner Laundromat
  • Willow Avenue Express Laundry Center
  • Garage Laundry Company
  • Mean Machine Laundry
  • The Laundry Hamper
  • Southwest Linen
  • The Laundry Depot

Laundromat Name Ideas

Please examine the below collections of laundromat name ideas.

  • Fresh Clean Coin Laundromat
  • A+ Laundromat
  • WashCo Laundry Washboard
  • One Click Cleaners
  • Sparkles Laundromat
  • Spin City Coin Wash
  • Big Bundles Laundromat
  • The Hollywood Laundromat
  • Express Laundry Center
  • Village Coin Laundry
  • My Laundry Room
  • Splash Laundromat
  • Sud City
  • Clean Mart
  • Freedom Clean
  • Tiny Bubble 24 Hour Laundromat
  • The Laundry Depot
  • Sparta Laundry
  • Econ-O-Wash Laundry
  • Diamond Shine
  • Rainbow Laundromat
  • Mom & Pops
  • Laundry Lounge
  • Perfectly Clean
  • Speed Coin Laundry
  • Eco Cleaners
  • Rinse Repeat Dry Cleaners
  • Fantastic Cleaners
  • Village Coin Laundry
  • Laundry Go
  • Travellers Laundromat
  • Bubble Baths Laundromat
  • Southside Laundry
  • Always Fresh Laundry
  • Lancaster Best Cleaners
  • American Dream Laundromat
  • International Cleaners
  • Blondes Laundry Limited

Laundry Service Names

Here we have listed some of a few collections of laundry service names.

  • Spokane’s Only Coin Laundry
  • All Good Cleaners
  • The Wash Away Spotless Coin Laundry
  • Eco Cleaning Solutions
  • Clean Pick-Ups
  • Consolidated Linen Service
  • Fresh & Steaming Laundromat
  • The Green River Wash n Fold
  • The Way We Wash
  • Lucky Coin Wash & Fold Shop
  • Clean Serenity Laundry
  • Tiny Bubbles Laundromat
  • Venture Cleaners
  • Allstar Dry Cleaners
  • The Happy Wash & Fold Shop
  • Systematic Laundromat
  • Sunshine Laundry
  • Laundry Shop
  • Blue Water Wash
  • The Laundry Place
  • The Laundry Hall
  • Lancaster Laundries
  • Sunshine Pro Cleaners
  • Sew Spotless
  • The Laundry King
  • Tot Spot Cleaners
  • Sparkling Cleaners
  • Clean and Ready Laundry
  • The Wash House
  • Liberty Laundering
  • Launderland
  • Laundry Care
  • Bathe and Launder
  • Dry Clean Nirvana
  • Pure Clean Laundry
  • Clean to the Max Cleaners
  • Clean Sweep
  • Wash the Town

Cool Laundry Business Names

Please check out the below collections of cool laundry business names.

  • Clean Freedom
  • Crossroads Cleaning
  • Clean Sweep
  • A Plus Cleaners
  • Good Clean Gals
  • Express Cleaners
  • Dirtbusters
  • Super Laundry
  • Great Cleaners
  • Spot Laundromat
  • The Laundry Lounge
  • Holiday Laundry
  • Sparkling Clean
  • Honest Laundry
  • Due Dirty Laundry
  • Yellow Glow Cleaning
  • Cleaner Quarter
  • Spiffy Clean
  • Breezy Laundry
  • Fresh Air Cleaners
  • Clean and Green Laundry
  • Laundry Home
  • Laundry Town
  • Lucky Coin Laundromat
  • Rainbow Cleaners
  • Country Clothes
  • Let’s Wash That Together
  • Chemically Cleaned
  • Land of Laundry
  • Clean-B-Cuz Coin Laundromat
  • The Wash House
  • Mighty Maids Laundromat
  • Sudsville 24 Hour Laundromat
  • Laundry Madness
  • All Your Laundry Needs
  • Wash and Fold Washboards
  • Bedding Laundry Company
  • The Sweetest Way To Wash

Catchy Laundry Business Names

Looking for a catchy name for your laundry business? Then check out the below collections.

  • Wash and Fold Shop
  • 4th Street Cleaners
  • Beads and Borrows Laundromat
  • One Stop Wash & Fold Shop
  • Holly Laundry
  • Wash Me Later Laundromat
  • Avoid Dirt Laundromat
  • Washing Downhill
  • The Best Way to Clean
  • Alsco Canningvale
  • Warrior Drive Laundry
  • Happy Cleaning
  • Cleaning & Washing Laundry
  • Magic Cleaners
  • Clean and Green Serenity Laundry
  • Lucky Coin Wash & Fold Shop
  • Always Clean Laundromat
  • Fresh and Clean Laundromat
  • We Do More Than Wash
  • Advance Laundry & Dry Cleaners
  • Green River Shine & Dry Cleaning
  • Happy Clean Laundry
  • Spotless Wash Laundromat
  • Cool Washing Well
  • Sparkling Laundry
  • Washy Time
  • Fast and Fresh Laundromat
  • Laundry Basket Cleaners
  • Mend and Gather Laundry
  • Your Laundry Partner
  • Spots N Stains
  • The Wash and Fold Place
  • Peerless Laundry
  • Pure Fresh Laundry
  • Asian Sensations
  • Pure Perfection Laundry
  • Happy Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry Zen

Laundry Business Names

How To Name Your Laundry Business

Businesses and organizations have various options when it comes to choosing a name for their business. Your customers will only identify your company by its name, so it is imperative to select the right one. A catchy, professional name for laundry services can help draw customers into your laundry store and encourage them to return. If your choice of business name is ineffective in marketing your cleaning services, then it would be more beneficial for you to take the time and come up with better alternatives than settle for anything less than ideal.

Let’s follow the below points, while you name you will start a laundry business.

Make Sure It Is Short & Unique

An official business name that is short, simple, and memorable will make it stand out in the market. If your chosen name is too long, people might not remember it. A good number of customers looking at your brand choice must be able to recall your company’s name when a potential new customer or employer asks them.

Shortlisting And Brainstorming

When you have a long list of names, you should first come up with a shortlist and focus on a few options. Also, when choosing business names, it is best not to choose something too different from what you offer. It should be relevant to your services and help you communicate easily with your customers.

Research On Your Competition

When looking for a good brand name for your business, you must consider all of your past moves and view the names that have already been used by others because there are bound to be some that have already been registered. Also, try to see if your competitors have any problems with their brand names.

Don’t Copy Others

You do not want to appear as having copied others. Identify the business and organization that have already taken advantage of a similar name by searching online for their characters. Hopefully, you will come across another industry that has already registered its name with a distinct brand because this can help you find out what the public thinks of your choice of names.

Get A .com Domain For Online Selling

A .com domain is the most effective way to start selling online, and it is widely used and can help a lot with the search engine results of your business or organization. You should also see if any other domains for your business are available if you cannot secure a .com domain.

Use A Limitless Name

You should choose a limitless type of name for your company because a limitless name can help you to expand your business or company perfectly. if you have chosen a name for your laundry business, that can easily limit your business, then you realize you never expand your business.

Convey A Message

Please try to choose a name for your business, that can easily convey a message about your business. Because this type of name can easily spread a perfect message about your laundry business.

Use Location Name

It is an effective way to help a business get a name related to the location. The best sites to choose from are popular ones, such as shopping centers, major hotels, and places of historical significance. If you cannot select an existing background, you can choose a name related to the location’s features and activities.

Use A Name That Is Easy To Spell & Pronounce

If your business name has letters or words that are difficult to spell and pronounce, then it might not be efficient in marketing your business, and it would be prudent to look for other options. You should also see if any names in your list have many spelling mistakes because this can negatively impact most potential customers and employers.

Check The Trademark Availability

The fact that other businesses are already using the same ideas and words with the same meaning should not be a factor when choosing a business name. By checking whether there are any restrictions, you might encounter your name already registered with another organization. Although some organizations will not care about this, in others, you might be forced to change your business name after a specified period.

Create A Logo

A logo is an essential part of marketing your laundry business and is the first point of contact for any potential customer who sees it. It should be defined for customers so they will associate it with their organization, especially in the case of professional business names. You do not want your business name and logo to be out of sync, which can confuse your customers.

Attach A Tagline

You need to create and attach a tagline for your laundry business. Through the tagline, you can easily represent your business in one line and also grab the attention of everyone.

Take Review From Customers

Your customers should take part in the decision by providing feedback on the names you choose for your business. By getting their opinions and suggestions, you will get a good idea of what they would like to see on your site and what they would choose if you were to ask them.



We hope, you have liked our upper collections about the matter of laundry business names and picked a catchy one for your laundry business.

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